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Company Re-Registration Period Completed

The Ministry of Justice would like to thank those who took the opportunity to re-register their companies by the 31st March 2022 deadline.

When the Companies Act 2017 was commenced and the Online Registry was launched on 10th December 2019, companies were given a full year to re-register their companies online. Over 880 companies were able to re-register by 10th December 2020. However, despite the public awareness efforts of the Ministry of Justice during that time, a number of companies did not meet that year long deadline and the Ministry understood that the global impact of Covid19 were just being felt during that period.

Parliament passed an amendment to the Companies Act in late 2021 to assist those businesses who did not meet the 2020 deadline which effectively extended that deadline until 31st March 2022. Due to that effort, over 170 companies were able to re-register onto the Online Registry in 2022.

Information on registered companies can be viewed on the Online Registry at Registering a new company, or filing annual returns or any other company filings are also done through the Online Registry.