Media Release – Land Court Brochures published

The Ministry of Justice is releasing three brochures relating to the Land Division of the High Court that will assist our community in understanding the court process around succession, occupation right, and lease applications. Along with these brochures, the Ministry is also releasing samples of the three types of maps needed as part of the occupation right and lease process.

Secretary of Justice Tamatoa Jonassen stated “these brochures are part of our ongoing commitment to improve our services and help our community.”

These brochures follow the recent changes in the High Court Fees that came into effect earlier this month. Notable among those changes were the reduction in Succession Application fees, an increase in MOAO fees, and a reduction and simplification of fees relating to copies of court documents.

Registrar of the High Court Kopu Matua-Atuatika said “we hope these brochures will greatly help the public understand the current processes of the land court. We anticipate having some public awareness workshops on this in the future.”

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