The Ministry of Justice is now able to fill the following vacant positions based on Rarotonga with an application deadline of 15th August 2022, 4pm:

1    Land Court Clerk – Salary Band F, Range: $24,476 - $36,565 View Job Description
The role is integral to the administration of the Land Division of the High Courts and related tribunals.  Key responsibilities include managing the courtroom and court records, and providing services to assist with land court applications such as land succession, occupation rights, and tribal titles.  

2    Bailiff & Court Orderly – Salary Band F, Range: $24,476 - $36,565 View Job Description
The role is to support the administration of the High Courts, primarily the Criminal & Civil Division, and includes ensuring court security, efficient administration, and execution of court orders.  

3    Senior Surveyor – Salary Band H, Range: $33,220 - $49,628 View Job Description
The Senior Surveyor is a specialized role that supports the Chief Surveyor in the administration of the Survey Department, including plan creation and examination, survey compliance, and maintaining control networks.  

4    Senior Stenography & Judges Associate – Salary Band H, Range: $33,220 - $49,628 View Job Description
The role is an advanced technical role that supports the Stenography Services Manager, including transcription and Judicial secretarial services for the High Courts.  

5    Senior Company Manager – Salary Band H, Range: $33,220 - $49,628 View Job Description
This is a specialized role requiring knowledge and experience in company law, incorporated societies law, personal property securities law, registry and records management, efficient administration, and compliance.

6    Land Trust Manager – Salary Band F, Range: $24,476 - $36,565 View Job Description
The role facilitates the management and administrative compliance of the trust fund held with the Land Court.  This role requires knowledge in land legislation, regulations, and custom, court processes, and accounting and compliance obligations.

Applicants who meet the essential education/experience requirements, or who are working towards them are encouraged to apply. How to apply:

Please provide the following as part of your application:
1) A letter of interest (or cover letter),
2) A completed application form (download), and
3) A copy of your curriculum vitae or resume.

The application deadline is Monday, 15th August 2022, 4pm.  Forward completed applications by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or deliver to the following address:

Ministry of Justice
C/O Maybelline Bullen
HR & Asset Manager
Cook Islands