There are 5 Districts on Rarotonga:

  1. Avarua
  2. Matavera
  3. Ngatangiia
  4. Takitumu*
  5. Arorangi

Avarua District is from Tapere Pokoinu to Tapere Tupapa. Matvera District is from Tapere Titama to Tapere Pouara. Ngatangiia District is from Tapere Turangi to Tapere Maii. Takitumu District is from Tapere Tikioki to TapereVaimaanga. Arorangi District is from Tapere Rutaki to Tapere Pokoinu-i-raro.



*Note: Takitumu is popularly known as Titikaveka. The Titikaveka name was driven mainly by prominent members of the Takitumu community and by the sports culture of the District.

According to official survey documents dating back to 1913 by the first surveyor of Rarotonga H.M. Connal, Titikaveka is a Tapere of Takitumu.

More recently, the 3 districts of Matavera, Ngatangiia and Takitumu (Titikaveka) was combined and called Vaka Takitumu. Vaka Takitumu represents the 3 districts in National events such as 'Te Maire Nui' or the Constitution celebrations.


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