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Land Trust

The Land Trust Section manages the leases database created from information provided by the Land Title Section. It collects land rentals paid by the tenants and distributes them into the land owners' account. These amounts are held in the trust account.

If you are a land owner and that your section is being leased you may be entitled to some money. As some sections have many land owners and the annual rental is low, the result is a few dollars in each account after the annual rental has been shared among the land owners. For example, if the land leased has 100 land owners and the annual rental is $250.00. Each land owner would get $2.50.


The Ministry of Justice does not issue cheque for payments to land owner(s) if the amount is less than $20.00. This is because the bank charge and administrative cost would be more than the value on the cheque.

The Ministry would, however, issue cheque for payments to a land owner who is collecting on his/her siblings as well and that the total amount is not less than $20.00 provided that he/she has power of attorney or letter(s) of authorization.


When claiming for payment you will need:

Payments for land rentals and claims from the trust account can be made during normal business hours.

Unclaimed Money

NB Remember to claim your entitlement yearly, as any unclaimed amount of money over three years will be collected by the Crown.