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Te Tango Tutara o te Ture occupies a unique position within the machieneries of government. It has functions and responsibilities in both the Judiciary and Executive arms of government.

In this reporting period (2014-2015), there has been an increase in demand for more court sessions, particularly in the criminal and land divisions of the High Court of the Cook islands. These demands are driven by an increase in the number of criminal information and land applications filed with the court. There is also the added impact of the general elections in the reporting period which had an impact on the operations and overall performance of the Ministry.

The need for accurate and up-to-date information is also a challenge facing the Ministry, particularly in regards to the Register of Land Titles. Delays in updating the register is ongoing and despite repeated requests for funding, assistance has not been forthcoming. The backlog of transcripts in regards to land matters also contributes to the delay in updating the register of land titles. This is an area that the Ministry will be focussing in the next reporting period. Processes in this area has already reviewed to increase efficiency in updating the Register of Land Titles.

Reducing crimes can only be achieved through corroboration with key stakeholders and in that vein the Ministry is working closely with government and non-government entities in achieving that objective.

The lack of resources is a constraint, that is hindering Ministry efforts in achieving its objectives and core mandates.

Despite continuing issues with renumeration and working conditions, the staff are committed in providing quality services for the people of the Cook Islands. To them i am grateful for their dedication, commitment and support.


Tingika Elikana LLB, MBA