PUBLIC NOTICE Update: Public Counter Service Hours from March 2022

Effective Monday 7th March 2022, due to staff capacity constraints and implementation of covid19 protocols, the Ministry of Justice will be reducing the Rarotonga office hours of when its service counters are open to the public to 10am to 2pm, unless by appointment. Members of the public are encouraged to call ahead on (682) 29410 or  email to schedule an appointment. Make an Appointment

This change will only impact services provided over the counter; court schedules will continue to operate as normal.

Jury trials are to commence on Wednesday the 10th of March 2021 following a gap of over a year caused by the Covid19 pandemic.  The schedule is subject to any changes in measures imposed to combat the Covid19 pandemic. The session beginning 10 March 2021 will last for three weeks instead of the usual two weeks.

Jury trials are scheduled for the first and third week. The second week has a Judge Alone trial scheduled involving a private prosecution brought by a citizen against the Prime Minister and the former Prime Minister alleging breaches of s 280 of the Crimes Act 1969 and s 64(2)(d)(1) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Act 1995-96 in relation to the charter at public expense of flights to Penrhyn and Pukapuka in the aftermath of the 14 June 2018 General Election with the amount paid for the charter flights being alleged to have been improper use of public monies or a fraudulent conspiracy in that regard. 

All trials will be open to the public subject to seating limitations and social distancing measures. Recording or photography is not permitted in the Courtroom, exemption may be requested in writing through the Registrar prior to the trial.