New Online Registry Live!
The new online registry was launched Tuesday 10th December 2019 by the Ministry of Justice. This project is the culmination of several years of work by the Ministry of Justice, Asia Development Bank, and ParadigmApps, with the additional support of AusAid, the New Zealand government, and the Cook Islands government....
Te Tango Tutara o te Ture
Location: Tapere Avarua, Rarotonga
Ministry of Justice Retreat 2019
Building Unity & Moving Forward as one.


The Prison Service has the responsibility:

  • for ensuring that those sentenced to imprisonment are securely contained
  • for providing rehabilitation opportunities to reduce re-offending rate

For the rehabilitation programs the Prison has:

Work release program for low-risk inmates who are rewarded for good behaviour

  • Art and craft program
  • Various "one off" programs that have the participation of the Ministry of Education and the National Human Resources Development (NHRD)

Religious, non-government agencies and private individuals are encouraged to visit inmates to conduct training and other activities.


Visiting Hours

For a remanded inmate, the visiting hours are from 9:00am - 11:00am Monday - Friday.

For a sentenced inmate, the visiting hours are 12:00pm - 2:30pm on Sunday only.


Samples from the Craft shop


Products like these are for sale at:

Arorangi Prison, Rarotonga (682 - 29457),
Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 3:00pm