New Online Registry Live!
The new online registry was launched Tuesday 10th December by the Ministry of Justice. This project is the culmination of several years of work by the Ministry of Justice, Asia Development Bank, and ParadigmApps, with the additional support of AusAid, the New Zealand government, and the Cook Islands government....
Te Tango Tutara o te Ture
Location: Tapere Avarua, Rarotonga
Ministry of Justice Retreat 2019
Building Unity & Moving Forward as one.


The Public is hereby advised that the re-registration of existing companies on our online registry is due on the 9th of December 2020. Failure to re-register before the due date may result in your company being struck off the register. If you have already re-registered your company via the online portal since 9th December 2019, please disregard this notice. For enquiries contact the Companies office at the Ministry of Justice, Rarotonga on 29410



Te akakite iatu nei I te katoatoa rava e ka topiri atu te retita anga akaou kamupani, putuputuanga takere na runga I te pia roro uira a te ra 9 o Titema 2020. Ko te kamupani, putuputuanga tei kore I retita ia I mua ake I te ra 9 o Titema, ka tipu iatu te reira mei runga I te rora retita. Me kua oti takere taau kamupani I te retita i runga I te pia roro uira, kare e noou teia tuatua akakite.

Ko tei anoano I te uiui marama. taniuniu mai I te opati o te Kamupani I konei I te opati o te Tango Tutara o te Ture I runga I te numero 29410