Preliminary Results from Votes Counted 14-06-2018
DEMO: 11
CIP: 10
OCI: 1


FIRST PAST THE POST voting system

  1. There are 24 Parliament seats available
  2. The candidate with the most votes in each Electorate wins and becomes the MP or Member of Parliament for that seat
  3. To become government, a Party must win at least 13 seats

Names of Candidates



Voters per MP*



Cook Islands 24 10317  
Rarotonga Tupapa Maraerenga 1195  George Maggie Angene  OCI 479
 Lee Harmon  DEMO 366
 Teresa Manarangi-Trott  Independent 42
Takuvaine Tutakimoa 767  Mark Stephen Brown  CIP 265
 Teokotai George  DEMO 137
 George Pitt  Independent 7
Avatiu Ruatonga 673  Albert Taviri Kaitara Nicholas  CIP 265
 Teina Rongo  DEMO 219
Nikao Panama 1031  Vaine Makiroa Mokoroa  CIP 438
 Ngamau Mere Munokoa  DEMO 227
Ruaau 876  William William Heather  DEMO 323
 Arama Joseph Wichman  CIP 277
Akaoa 565  Nooroa o Teariki Baker  DEMO 201
 Teariki William Heather  CIP 179
Murienua 559  Patrick Akaiti Arioka  CIP 203
 James Vini Beer  DEMO
 Teariki Taraare Unuka  OCI 64
Titikaveka 833  Margharet Matenga  Independent 112
 Selina Napa  DEMO 198
 Moeroa Thomas-Tamangaro  CIP 169
 Teava Iro  Titikaveka Oire 83
 John Tumutoa  OCI 62
Ngatangiia 620  Tukaka Ama  CIP 211
 Tamaiva Tuavera  DEMO 254
Matavera 650  Vaitoti Tupa  DEMO 266
 Kiriau Turepu  CIP 251
Rarotonga Total: 10 7769  
Aitutaki Amuri Ureia 308  Toanui Isamaela  CIP 113
 Terepai Maoate  DEMO 152
Arutanga Reureu Nikaupara 404  Tereapii Maki-Kavana  CIP 156
 Isaraela Pumati  OCI 148
Vaipae Tautu 398  Mona Ioane  CIP 131
 Kitai Manuela Teinakore  DEMO 156
Aitutaki Total: 3 1110  
Mangaia Oneroa 196  Wesley Kareroa  DEMO 105
 Teina Ngametuatoe  CIP 53
Ivirua 83  Anthony Toruariki Armstrong  DEMO 50
 Marion Harry  CIP 34
Tamarua 55  Tetangi Matapo  DEMO 29
 Mia Teaurima  CIP 21
Mangaia Total: 3 334  
Atiu Teenui Mapumai 116  Tania Akai  DEMO 6
 Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown  Independent 65
 Tereapii Porio  CIP 26
Tengatangi Areora Ngatiarua 125  Te-Hani Rose Alexandra Brown  DEMO 61
 Norman George  Alternative Must Ravenga Openga 6
 Nandi Tuaine Glassie  CIP 42
Atiu Total: 2 241  
Mauke Mauke 197  Belezadala Tangata William Tararo  DEMO 27
 Tai Tura  CIP 57
 Tungane Williams  OCI 56
Mauke Total: 1 197  
Mitiaro Mitiaro 104  Tuakeu Tangatapoto  CIP 47
 Tangata Vavia  DEMO 36
Mitiaro Total: 1 104  
Rakahanga Rakahanga 56  Tina Pupuke Browne  DEMO 20
 Toka Hagai  CIP 28
Rakahanga Total: 1 56  
Manihiki Manihiki 120  Tereapii Piho  DEMO 26
 Henry Tuakeu Puna  CIP 88
Manihiki Total: 1 120  
Pukapuka Nassau Pukapuka Nassau 276  Tingika Elikana  CIP 126
 Junior Willie Katoa  DEMO 121
Pukapuka Nassau Total: 1 276  
Penrhyn Penrhyn 110  Willie John  CIP 29
 Wilkie Olaf Patua Rasmussen  DEMO 18
 Robert Taimoe Tapaitau  Independent 48
Penrhyn Total: 1 110  


 * Main Roll only, supplementary and objections not included

 ** OCI = One Cook Islands Party
     DEMO = Democratic Party
     CIP = Cook Islands Party


Government of the Cook Islands

PO Box 111, Rarotonga, Cook Islands  Phone: (682) 29410  E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Web:


1. Survey Officer

2. Court Stenographer (2 positions)

3. Deputy Registrar (Aitutaki)

4. Probation officer

5. Prison officer (2 positions)

The Ministry of Justice is seeking qualified and experience professionals for the above positions:
We invite applicants to submit a letter and a copy of your CV to the following address:

Mr Tingika Elikana
Ministry of Justice
PO Box 111

Or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full Job Descriptions available upon request or uplift from Main Office, Ministry of Justice,
Avarua, Rarotonga.

Applications close 4pm Monday 8 January 2018.


Government of the Cook Islands

PO Box 111, Rarotonga, Cook Islands  Phone: (682) 29410  Facsimile: (682) 29610  E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



(Current as of 23/01/18)

 Date  Duration  Presiding Justice  Jurisdiction
 12-23 March  2 weeks  Potter  Criminal and Civil
 16-27 April  2 weeks  Isaac  Land
 30 April - 4 May  1 week  D. Williams / TBA / TBA  Court of Appeal
 21 May - 8 June (30 May-8 June special sitting)  3 weeks  H Williams CJ  Criminal and Civil
 9-20 July  2 weeks  Coxhead  Land
 23 July - 3 August  2 weeks  Doherty  Criminal and Civil
 10 - 21 September  2 weeks  Keane Criminal and Civil
 1 - 12 October  2 weeks  Savage  Land
 29 October - 2 November  1 week  D. Williams / TBA / TBA  Court of Appeal
 12 - 23 November*  2 weeks  TBA  Criminal and Civil

  *NOTE: 'date' subject to change


Te Tango Tutara o te Ture occupies a unique position within the machieneries of government. It has functions and responsibilities in both the Judiciary and Executive arms of government.

In this reporting period (2014-2015), there has been an increase in demand for more court sessions, particularly in the criminal and land divisions of the High Court of the Cook islands. These demands are driven by an increase in the number of criminal information and land applications filed with the court. There is also the added impact of the general elections in the reporting period which had an impact on the operations and overall performance of the Ministry.

The need for accurate and up-to-date information is also a challenge facing the Ministry, particularly in regards to the Register of Land Titles. Delays in updating the register is ongoing and despite repeated requests for funding, assistance has not been forthcoming. The backlog of transcripts in regards to land matters also contributes to the delay in updating the register of land titles. This is an area that the Ministry will be focussing in the next reporting period. Processes in this area has already reviewed to increase efficiency in updating the Register of Land Titles.

Reducing crimes can only be achieved through corroboration with key stakeholders and in that vein the Ministry is working closely with government and non-government entities in achieving that objective.

The lack of resources is a constraint, that is hindering Ministry efforts in achieving its objectives and core mandates.

Despite continuing issues with renumeration and working conditions, the staff are committed in providing quality services for the people of the Cook Islands. To them i am grateful for their dedication, commitment and support.


Tingika Elikana LLB, MBA


General inquiries


Physical address:

Avarua, Rarotonga
Cook Islands
Monday - Friday
(except public holidays)
8:00am - 4:00pm


Postal address:

PO Box 111
Avarua, Rarotonga
Cook Islands

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 682-29410
Fax: 682-29610


Outer Islands


Deputy Registrar




Eteta Mose




Tangata Vainepoto




Tuatai Piniata

43054 / 43606



Tungane Kaokao




Contact the Island Secretary




Teuamua Malo




Taunga Tuteru




Andrew Vaeau

42021 / 42100



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