New Online Registry Live!
The new online registry was launched Tuesday 10th December 2019 by the Ministry of Justice. This project is the culmination of several years of work by the Ministry of Justice, Asia Development Bank, and ParadigmApps, with the additional support of AusAid, the New Zealand government, and the Cook Islands government....
Te Tango Tutara o te Ture
Location: Tapere Avarua, Rarotonga
Ministry of Justice Retreat 2019
Building Unity & Moving Forward as one.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Public Counter Service Hours from March 2022

Effective Monday 7th March 2022, due to staff capacity constraints and implementation of covid19 protocols, the Ministry of Justice will be reducing the Rarotonga office hours of when its service counters are open to the public to 10am to 2pm, unless by appointment. Members of the public are encouraged to call ahead on (682) 29410 or  email to schedule an appointment. Make an Appointment

This change will only impact services provided over the counter; court schedules will continue to operate as normal.

Photo (from left to right): Veronica Papatua (LAT Secretary), Tangata Ina Tou (LAT Member), Tutai Hosking (LAT Member), Tamatoa Jonassen (MOJ Secretary), Oliver Peyroux (LAT Chairman), Ngametua Arakua (LAT Member).


The Ministry of Justice wishes to express its appreciation to Oliver Peyroux who retires this month as Chairman of the Leases Approval Tribunal (“LAT”).

Mr. Peyroux previously served in the Ministry of Justice as Chief Surveyor and formerly as an LAT Chairman. In 2019, following the appointment of the then LAT Chairman to the Chief Surveyor role, Mr. Peyroux heeded the call to return to serve as LAT Chairman once again.
“It has been an honour to have our papa Ollie serve on the Leases Approval Tribunal,” says Tamatoa Jonassen, Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. “The LAT has been blessed by his strength and experience, and we will miss him.”
Minister for Justice, the Honourable Mac Mokoroa, stated “the last two years of service by Mr. Peyroux is the capstone of a life full of dedicated service to the Cook Islands. I am grateful for his service and acknowledge that his service was strengthened by his very supportive family.”
With Mr. Peyroux’s retirement, Ngametua Arakua will take up the role as LAT Chairman beginning November. Other LAT members include Tangata Ina Tou, Tuaine Manuela, and Tutai Hosking.